Postea - "Cesty"


Genres: Crust, Hardcore, Female vocal

Release year: 2021

Country: Czech Republic

City: Lukavec

Language: Czech language

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 128 kbps

01. Y

02. Cesta I

03. Řeka

04. Pochod

05. Cesta II

06. Květ Strachu

Path is the main plot which is related to all the songs from this album. It can represent life journey. Walking through a bounded space full of obstacles, during which we encounter various crossroads, other ways, streams and opinions.

There are paths that connect us, but then there are also those that can divide us.

All of this forms and influences us the same as our direction can influence the others.

Lack of interest in finding own path or ignoring the other views may lead to easier acceptance of reality misinterpretation or blind following of the crowd. Especially in this disinformation age.

Which path will we take in the end is up to us, our responsibility and is also based on the strength of our moral basis. 

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