Captain Kaiser - "The Drovers Inn"


Genre: Punk

Release year: 2021

Country: Belgium

Language: English

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 320 kbps

01. Moscow Mule

02. Taste My Ink

03. Hotel Room

04. Rocket Science

05. Post Gig Depression

06. Hindsight

07. Single Malt

08. Afraid

09. Time Heals, Yeah Right!

10. Night Time Hikes

A bunch of unshaven lads living in the rural north of Belgium, better known as Kempen. Five days a week, they go to work, do the dishes and care for their ladies and babies. But at the weekend, they give steamy shows in sweaty youth clubs, drink the cheap supermarket beer after which they named their band and prepare the third edition of their festival, Kaiser Fest. Named after the band. Which is thus named after the beer. Anyway.

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