The Twangster, the Chiller, & the Folk Dealer - "Split"


Genre: Riot folk

Release year: 2021

Country: USA

City: Fontana

Language: English

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 320 kbps

01. Analysis Paralysis - Mis Huellas 02:12

02. Analysis Paralysis - The Cross Fade 02:48

03. Analysis Paralysis - Daydream Lullaby 02:13

04. Trashy P. - Trash Compact 02:26

05. Trashy P. - Deth is Coming 01:38

06. Trashy P. - Butter'd Biscuits 02:43

Clawhammerin and twang-bangin they're way from the abysmal depths of the Inland Empire, Analysis Paralysis sings(and screams!) about the struggles of having mental illness, drug addiction and recovery, and setting ourselves free from the chains of oppression this system puts on our society. Oh and codependency.

Formulating solutions for one to become absolute

The (counter)culture must be preserved 

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