Kaliningrad Punk Music - "V/A"


Genre: Punk

Release year: 2020

Country: Russian Federation

City: Kaliningrad

Language: Russian

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 128-320 kbps

1. Cock Joker - Long Hand Fucking Kila

2. Dirty Banditos - Волчья стая

3. Blues Monday - Разделяя

4. ТРАВЛЯ - Эшафот (2020)

5. Маски Шоу - В горло (DEMO)

6. xTRUEder - Маяк

7. DEGENERATUS - теплотрасса

So, guys, a huge thank you to all those who participated, helped, did not interfere and in every possible way helped us in the release of the collection, presentation and everything else! Initially, the idea was to release a collection of existing local punk and okolopank groups, because this has not happened for 12 years, and there were a huge number of wonderful groups ... and we also really wanted, at least something, to help people who suffered from the actions of the security forces during peaceful protests in the Republic of Belarus. As a result, taking into account the costs of the gig and the collection itself, we collected 26000₽, which were sent to our friends in Belarus and brought real help to ordinary people. Many thanks to all! Also, another small edition will be reprinted for everyone who did not have time to grab the collection.

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