Cart-blansh - "Евгеника чистого сознания"


Genres: Punk, Hardcore

Release year: 2020

Country: Russian Federation

City: Moscow

Language: Russian

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 320 kbps

01. Щупальца медузы

02. Мк-ультра

03. H.e.k. 293 (feat. Purgen)

04. Стокгольмский синдром (feat. Antreib)

05. Цифровизация наций

06. Радуюсь тому, что есть (Bonus Track)

Punk-hardcore group Cart-blansh, formed in the 2000s near Moscow.

Participants adhere to the principles of diy, anti-fascism, solidarity and mutual assistance, creation in the surrounding reality, express their position in songs.

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