A312 - Зажигай! (2020)

A312 - "Зажигай!"


Genres: Oi!, Street punk

Release year: 2020

Country: Russian Federation

City: Moscow

Language: Russian

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 320 kbps

01. Моя любимая команда

02. Выезда

03. Дерби

04. 1312

05. Песня без слов

06. Нога

The A312 group was formed at the end of 2018 by a group of comrades from different musical groups.

In the songs you can feel the old-school romance of football fanaticism, when the guys with their last money went to distant cities for their favorite teams to support them, fought in the streets with each other to prove with force and fists whose "support" is more TOP.

We do not welcome or promote violence around football, and we think club feud is stupid, but it is an integral part of football around football.

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