Noise punk

Noise punk


Genres: Art-punk, Experimental, Noise punk

Release year: 2021

Country: Russian Federation

City: Omsk

Language: Russian

Format: .mp3

Bitrait: 320 kbps

01. Старик

02. Все жалуются

03. Ядим

04. Шествие чинуш

05. Кругозор

06. Крымнаш

07. Лилипутия

08. Распродажа

09. Копрофаг

10. Этот

11. Шизофазия

12. Летов-аэропорт

13. Спасибо-Моё

14. Кофе

15. Сталинская мечта

16. Утконос

17. Счастливый

In 2018, we recorded the 15th album of "Communism". They planned to finish the flaws for the spring of 2020, but on March 16, Kuzma Ryabinov suddenly died. In March 2021, we rewrote a number of things in Tyumen, and dedicated the album to the memory of Kostya. The approach in the songs remained the same - a conceptual view of human stupidity here and now. The main participants are Ryabinov, Sudakov and Andryushkin. In general, the album adequately completes the 33-year work of the group.

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