Compilation for support of Alice shelter (TLR20) - VA


A compilation of bands those are not indifferent to the problem of homeless animals to help Volgograd shelter "Alice". The cardboard envelope, disc and tab with track list and contacts of groups – all this sealed in a package. The 50% of  compilation cost will go to the needs of the shelter either in the form of feed, or in money equivalent. A detailed financial report will be published when the first print run is sold. There is whacko music  from 14 countries in the compilation (CIS, Europe, North and South America) – Punk-Crust-Melodic hardcore.

Speaking of Russia, there are very few state shelters here and they are poorly funded. Animals are kept in poor conditions and don't live long. The Russian authorities don't care about their citizens, and even more so for homeless animals. Next year the Soccer World Cup will be held here.  The authorities decided to clean cities from homeless animals for this event in a barbarous way - spreading along the street poison from which not only homeless but also domestic animals perish. Before the Sochi Olympics - 2014 stray dogs were shot so perhaps the same thing will happen again in Volgograd.

The campaign "For shooting homeless animals" has already been launched on television. Well-fed TV presenters in the prime time openly call to shoot at animals. Animal killers are openly invited to a talk show on federal channels. And none of them will suffer punishment because the animal protection law doesn't work in Russia.  Laws don't work at all here except those that protect the state.

How do more humane citizens of Russia act? They create private shelters in their own apartments.  Those who don't have the opportunity to create their own shelter are supervise  homeless animals, i.e. pick them up from the street, treat them, sterilize them and try to find them good hands or put them back on the street. In this way the number of street animals can be humanely reduced.

1. Твое оружие - Отрываясь от земли (Воронеж, РФ)
2. Use Your Skills - Не отводи глаза (Вологда, РФ) 
3. Force Events  - Никогда!Ничего! (Могилёв, РБ)
4. Chaos Machine - Хардкор - не бирка для модных (Минск, РБ)
5. Tax On Joy - Скотобойня  (Тула, РФ)
6. Hinnom Vultures - Стервятники Енома  (Запорожье, Украина)
7. Ass to face - Deadly Road (Ижевск, РФ)
8. Vanvett - Abrakadabra (Стокгольм, Швеция) 
9. Свора - Гримаса сарказма  (Вышний Волочек, РФ)
10. Deszcz - The Grey (Познань, Польша) 
11. Никаких Отговорок - Безразличие (Киров, РФ)
12. INFECTED REALITY - Равнодушие (Тула,РФ)
13. Абсолютный Ресурс - Социальный Вольер (Питер, РФ)
14. Daysaregoing - 4 (Москва, РФ)
15. Травля - Пока не полетят камни (Калининград, РФ)
16. Абсурд -  Не мешайте нам играть панк-рок  (Столин, РБ)
17. Stone Shelter - В.М.Ж.Н.З. (Москва, РФ)
18. HARHAISKU - Tuhoon tuomitut (Хельсинки, Финляндия)
19. Свадьбы не будет - Как ты (Волгоград, РФ)
20. Bombatentat - Životem zaplatíš (Прага, Чехия) 
21. Decline - Decline (Чикаго, США)
22. Proletariat Youth - Her  (Риверсайд, США)  
23. Los Confleis  - C.D.H.B. (Валенсия, Венесуэла )
24. Fuck0€  - Fuck0€ (Бад-Вильдунген, Германия)
25. Definite - Dont Forgive (Гориция, Италия)
26. 20 Liter Yoghurt - Burn (Гримма, Германия)
27. the LTP - Бомбы Вместо Еды (Ишим, РФ) 
28. BATTLEFIELD  - Coward (Ольн, Бегьгия)
29. Disagree  - Haunted By Fear (Квебек, Канада)
30. The Donalds - Lie To Me (Ричмонд, США)
31. Pepe Bocadillo - Vaccas (Богота, Колумбия)
32. Кефир - Лето (Санкт-Петербург, РФ)
33. The RadiatoR - Lena (Москва, РФ)

1.25 $, Cardboard sleeve, Punk